Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am leaving for MEXICO! I am going to be gone for a week. I won't be taking calls so if you need something leave a message or email me and I will get back to you next week. Later Gators.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Secret Shames

My seriously funny sister in law tagged me to do this. Here is what she said on her blog...... "Blogs, for most people, are a representation of the very best of yourself. Only the clean house, perfect kids, and skinny self-pics are shown.
I want to start a blog revolution. Ladies, let's get real. I'm "tagging" Heather, Ali, Kat, Jami, Hailey and Julie and whoever else wants to join me in posting......"

I am not going to lie, most the time when I read people's blogs I feel like I am a sucky parent/artist so why do I torture myself so? Who knows but how I do love to blogstalk.

Ok so here it goes, don't think less of me now ok. By the way these aren't really that "secret" to those who know me, just embarrassing.


1- I hate to clean. I see no point in it. The second I finish mopping the kids spill a fresh cup of juice. I make the bed just to get back in it again and mess it up. Really what IS the point? I see every one with their perfect houses and perfect kids and I cringe at myself. So here is the deal, if you come to my house it will probably be dirty. However I do love company and having parties, feel free to come in your shoes with your kids and drink your Coke on my couch!#2 Shopping/Sales

I blame my mother. It all started as a small child. We would go to the Mall Walk Sale and shop for hours. By hours I mean 10. My mom had 7 kids so she was always looking for a way to clothe us and not spend their life savings on us.
So the problem continues. I can't pass up a sale. So I already have 90 pair of shoes, but this is such a good deal. I don't scrapbook but I have loads and loads of scrapbook supplies. Why? Because they were on sale, and who knows I might need them one day.

#3 I have a potty mouth. I hate it. It is so white trash, but I can't seem to stop myself. Urgh, bad habit. I limit it to the basics but still, ugly. Someday my friends I will overcome this monster. Or maybe I will be a 90 year old lady who cusses. Who knows.

Ok I have shared my secrets, how about you? I am tagging all my lovely peeps out there. I double dog dare you.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dallas Cowgirls

This was a ridiculously fun trip. I went for business (my 2 sis-in-laws and I are starting a modest swim wear company) which was a total bust but had an incredible time together. We act like 14 year old girls when we are together, oh wait, that is just me. These are all out of order so sorry. For you lovely ladies that were there these pics are from Julie so you have already seen them.

On Sunday night we did fake nails (we are in Texas after all) and tattoos. It was so great. Julie had a henna marker so we all got tats to remind us of our trip. Oh notice how white Hailey and I are compared to Julie and Jess. Wondering why our hands are like that? Oh those are called spirit fingers, to be used when saying " TACO BUENO!!!!!"
We went to my niece Jessica's soccer game. She is amazing. Let me tell you what, the people in Texas take their sport seriously. Yikes. We were having a grand old time, making up half time dances. I mean really, what is a sporting event without a roll off? I guess the opposing team didn't think it was funny. Whatever. It didn't end well. My sister in law was bumping boobies with this ginormous lady who was encouraging her players to be mean. It.was.awesome.
Our Taco Bueno tattoos. You had to be there.
Sean who has taken over the roll of my father in law. We used to get these looks all the time from David, but alas we fail to shock him anymore. It was awesome to see Sean giving us the disappointed look. Thanks Sean.

Tad's amazing tattoo.

I am most proud of Josh's tat. I mean seriously, I am good. Maybe I should quit my day job and start tattooing. Oh wait I can't draw.

The hot tub consisted of some serious hotties and a nevernude. Jenna had on leggins underneath her bikini, pulled up to her boobies. It was incredible.

I don't know why I think Taco Bueno is so funny, but it is. I mean seriously.........Bueno Size Me!

We went to some crazy restaurant that took an eternity. All that I have to say about that one.

Monday, April 07, 2008

John and Tess

Meet my cousin John. He is so quiet and found an equally quiet girl. It was great, I was bouncing around like my usual self and they are probably thinking I have lost my mind. They are going to be really great together. Congrats you two.