Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On a Personal Note

Ada had her first piano recital. She did a duet with her grandma (that is who teaches her and makes her practice, which is amazing). It was the cutest thing ever. She wasn't even scared.
We went to Bear Lake and had my dear friend and her girls watch Jack. This is what we came home to. Pink tutu and pink nails. Poor poor Jack.

Our trip to Bear Lake was super eventful. This day was nice. Gavin even was able to catch a view ZZZs. The next day we were in the worst storm I have ever been in. Seriously it was like 6 foot waves. SCARY! I thought Lynda might have a nervous breakdown.
Whether we are on the beach or in the canyon the face looks the same.
We used to always go to the stadium of fire (outside of course) to watch the fireworks. It is a nightmare trying to leave. So we have started a new tradition. We call it the back yard of fire. Jarin even rocked Pandora on his phone for effect.
What can I say about this image, other than AWESOME!! Note it was hot outside. He obviously dressed himself. I love this kid.
One of our boating outings to Mona Res. Gavin is such a poser. And yes that is Jarin with a pink towel on.
One day my sister and I were out talking and the next thing I knew Miles was stripped down swimming with Nibs (the inlaws dog). He would hop in when she would and then run over on the grass and roll around on the grass like she did. It was sooooo funny.
The Broadbent's are serious runners. I mean like marathons and crap. Crazy. Anyway Ada ran her first run. It was the cutest thing ever. Miles also ran. You can tell he wasn't so sure about it. He started 1 second after everyone else.
 Ada is such a princess. She made this hat and did her makeup all by herself.

Summer comes around and my kids HAVE to get their faces painted at every fair there is. Well one night Jarin was "watching" Miles (aka surfing the net) I walked in and this is what I saw. Miles had decided to paint his own face.
Last but not least. Ada just started first grade. Aunt Monica gave her this outfit for the first day of school. Ada loved it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kamron Senior Session {Utah Senior Portrait Photography}

Since today is the first day of school, I know can you believe it!?, I thought I would post some senior pictures. This is my nephew and he is just as sweet as he is handsome. I hope my boys can grow up as good as him.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Liberty Academy {Utah School Photography}

I photographed the faculty for a local school yesterday at the studio. It was so much fun!! I know right, crazy!!! Who would think school portraits would be fun? These are some of my faves from the day.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Tornado Turns 1

My sweet Baby G is 1! I can't believe how fast time flies when you are having fun. Or running your butt of chasing a 1 year old. He is INSANE! He is into everything you can imagine. He lights up my world though. I am so glad I am his mom.